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Ventec Enterprises Inc. is a general contracting company that specializes in civil engeneering and landscaping projects. Ventec has over 35 years of experience and counting, and over 1000 projects completed with expertise and customer satisfaction.

Our company has been able to adapt and evolve over time and is truly focused on providing solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

We offer a wide range of services including, among others, environmentally friendly urban landscaping. Being green and environmentally friendly is an ongoing concern and we are always aware of that for our ongoing projects.

Our team consists of highly experienced professionals that are trained to help you at every step of your project.

We are always at your disposal to provide superior service at competitive prices.

Our Administrative Team.

  • Our Administrative Team


Landscaping, full service including planting
Borders and sidewalks
Excavation and decontamination
Civil Engineering works
Concrete structures (retaining walls, slabs, new-jerseys and structural repairs)
Sewers and aqueducts
Asphalt paving
Prefabricated concrete paving
Snow Removal

Areas of Specialization.

Urban landscaping / Green projects

Parks / Green spaces / Splash pads / Sports fields

Borders / Sidewalks / Other concrete structures

Excavation / Earthwork / Decontamination

Heritage restorations

Snow Removal

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Garantie Construction Residentielle

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